Cosplay Should Not Be About Color

My little sister has cosplayed for years… I think she started around 12. I myself only went dressed up to a convention a for the first time about a year ago. I loved it, and have been preparing for my next chance to go (3 costumes all ready to go!). Of course, the last time I went I was in another country, so yes I was one of the few Americans, and definitely the only brown crayon comrade out there. But this time I’m going in the states. And then my sister (who is the cosplay champ in my eyes) sent me this link called “I’M A BLACK FEMALE COSPLAYER AND SOME PEOPLE HATE IT.” People upset at a black woman who loves cosplay because she’s not the “right” skin tone? I could have sworn all those characters were Japanese O_o. It made me realize that when my son and I go to our first cosplay convention in the states, we might not be as accepted as I thought we would be. Will someone actually look at us, and DOWN at us for dressing as a character that doesn’t match our skin tone??? Even though I’ve never received any racism towards me, I shouldn’t have to even worry about it! My family, from my parents, siblings, and son are proud geeks, and should be able to wave our geek flag like anyone else. No one should be judged as they experience their hobby to the fullest.

Except for Furries. I’m sorry. You guys scare me. Sorry for my geek prejudice (geekjudice?)  Okay, I’ll go hide in a corner now.


7 thoughts on “Cosplay Should Not Be About Color

  1. It’s an unfortunate truth. People, and especially nerds, would like to think they’re above being hurtful or mocking or just simply racist, but it isn’t always the case. As a friend of cosplayers of all shapes, sizes, and colors – come to Chicago’s ACEN. We don’t care here as long as your cosplay looks awesome…and you don’t smell. We care if you’re carrying confunk around with you.

    Other than that, wouldn’t any race be doing it wrong if you weren’t Japanese? I know it happens, but stupidity will never stop baffling me.

    • Exactly, Jen… I thought conventions like ACEN, and Otakon, Comic-con, etc, were all so we geeks who love our hobby could join together. It certainly has helped me want to come from behind the shadows to proclaim that I love it all loudly. When is Chicago’s ACEN? Chicago is about 11 hours away from me… not sure if I could do that one.

      And yes, funk is a deal breaker in all aspects of life. I am Pro-funk-reduction!

      • ACEN is in late-May, I believe. The only problems I’ve ever witnessed are nerds being overly creepy, but that’s much easier to deal with than a bunch of a-holes.

      • Agreed… give me weirdos any day. I”m not going to be able to make ACEN… Have you been to Otakon in Maryland? I plan on going this year… My sister goes every year, but I never had the chance to go before.

  2. I haven’t. I was going to attempt several out of state cons this year, but getting married and changing your line of work kind of puts an end to the impulsive travelling. Depending on how the site goes, I’m hoping to do all of the them next year.

    • Understood. I”m just getting back settled with being stateside after over 4 years of being in other countries. Being on the East Coast makes it a whole lot easier to get to the conventions that happen over here. Congrats on the marriage, and I love your site. I’m going to enjoy browsing through 🙂

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