Answers to the Questions of the World: Why does Goofy wear pants and not Pluto?

Hello Weirdos!

Seriously, it was one of those weird things that got stuck in my head this week. I’ve asked my son what he thinks. I’ve even looked a little online to see if there was an answer, but then stopped after just looking at the Google search list. I was going to do some random thinking about this on my own… And see just how illogi- how AWESOME I could get.

So here’s the start of the theory: Older Disney cartoons never show humans right? I can’t remember if they do, and no, I’m not looking it up because that would defeat this whole post of randomness. Anyway, no humans are shown because the DisneyMickeyVerse (henceforth known as the DMV) is set after humans have wiped themselves out. Even if the old black and white cartoons show humans, those are mutants.

Without the world’s biggest predator (or so we’d like to imagine ourselves) long gone and non-zombified, other creatures, from chemicals from leftover weapons released into the air, began to grow intelligence at a rapid rate. Not all, but let’s say about half. They also began to stop aging. As the DMV animals got smarter, they took what was left over from the extinct humans and begin to use it. Things like cars, government, leftover homes, and clothes. And some things they ended up not using exactly the way that humans did (like Donald Duck not wearing pants).

One of the laws the DMV set up was what constituted a thinking animal, or a humanimal. Tests were made to see how far a humanimal evolved to allow them to live as an upright citizen. Mickey for instance, passed the exam with flying colors. Humanimals like Goofy barely passed, but because his speaking skills were developed he was allowed humanimal status. But some, like Pluto, just did not evolve. Unevolved animals like him were kept as pets instead, and monitored in case their status changed.

And that’s my theory on the DisneyMickeyVerse, and why a dog species like Goofy can be upright and talking as a citizen, but Pluto remains a pet.

Awesome right. Up next (maybe) I’ll write my idea on what aliens are 😉


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