Everyone is Racist in the Comment Section

I get most of my news online nowadays. Watching the local news stations irritate me because I just constantly pick out their bad story writing and articulation. So I read the news. Safer that way, until you get to the comment section that is.

The comment section, whether it’s YouTube or Washington Post, is a smorgasbord of all that is wrong with the world. Say for instance there is a story about a black person who was killed. You will find at least 1 comment with the word n*gger, and someone saying the death was deserved. There will possibly be also a reference to fried chicken and watermelon. It’s like a caricature of something, but I’m not sure what. I mean, I feel blacker than usual and like to get some fried chicken every now and again, but daggone it my favorite meat is a medium cooked steak from the frackin Capital Grill. Pricey, but it melts in your mouth like butter…mmmmm (fat girl drooool).

Ahem. What the frack was I saying? Oh yes (wipes drool). It’s not just black people though that are a target. It’s every color of the fricking rainbow. I don’t ever hear it said out loud, but I swear, when just reading the news comments every day I see the words “honky, chink, wetback, monkey” etc, etc, all over the comments of these posts. And everyone hates every other race. And we should all go back to whatever country our ancestors are from.








Have I discussed this before? About how you couldn’t pay me to live in Africa? Look, here’s the deal, my mutt ancestry is most likely about 40 percent african, 40 percent middle eastern, 20 percent hispanic, and 5 percent asian (shut up about the math. A writer doesn’t need to know math. Unless they write math books. Or for science and all that). So either you want me to go and do a whirlwind tour for the rest of my life, or you want to send me to the places where I got the most of my genetics from. Hell to the NO. There is no way I’m going to end up in an African village with my giggles hanging down to my knees and no weave to keep my hair braided (dear God that was so superficial that I had to slap myself).

And have the lips of my precious bits chopped off. Nuh uh. No. You can’t make me. And as for the Middle east. I have been there enough in a military capacity that I NEVER EVER would visit for fun. Let alone live.

So, anyway, in the comments, yeah, I can’t go back to where you think I should call home. And sorry, not all of this race or that race is the reason for the downfall of civilization. It is the ignorance that have been allowed to keep having children and were given the internet. I totally believe in selective breeding. Bring me my Aldous Huxley baby making future, because anything must be better than the Idiocracy future right around the corner (not really, but you get the point).

Seriously, the thing that rattles me the most about these racists comments all over the nets is… You walk around and have no idea if the dude serving you Chili’s thinks all black people are animals that should be put down. And that he just spit in your food. It scares me dude. I wish for the days when I didn’t have to see everyone’s opinion, even though I scroll down like a torture junky, just ready to see what they wrote.

It’s painful. And I mean, pain should only be given one place… “Consensual” in the bedroom 😉
No, seriously though, I’ve lost many internet friends because of this. During the election specifically. I don’t care who you vote for or what your political leanings may be, but when you start calling the president a monkey, yes, I’m going to believe you think all brown crayon people are. And yes, I have to delete. Because I can’t trust you not to lynch my “blass”. Just the same if you start spouting a whole bunch of black power/white devil mess. Really? You’re just trying to get your blass killed, but you are not taking me down with you.

Aldous Huxley with a touch of 1984 or Idiocracy? Please baby Jesus, I’d like my dystopian future to at least be smart.


2 thoughts on “Everyone is Racist in the Comment Section

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    11. Critically consider the strengths and weaknesses of EITHER bureaucratic power OR technocratic power approaches to understanding the policy process

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