Biting My Tongue Until I Bleed: Office Conversations on Political Stuffs

I absolutely HATE talking politics at work. I don’t really like talking politics with friends. But someone always, always, always brings their own political agenda in the mix and makes me have to bite my tongue. See, when political stances start, this seems to be the only time that I can shut my mouth and put a leash on it. Especially at work. Because contrary to belief, an average person’s political beliefs seem to be even more of a powder keg than their religious beliefs ( even though the 2 are probably 75 percent of the time tied together).

So 2 instances this week went above and beyond my tongue biting skills, and straight into about to have convulsions from trying to force swallow it. So I didn’t give my opinion.

The first was from a sweet old lady in the office, of the brown crayon persuasion. You know, one of those old school little old black ladies that still wears the old school black sponge rollers in her hair (I know, because she has accidentally came to work with some still in). I love this little old lady to death, but she is ooooooold school. And very set in old school opinions. And so, she will say things that you cannot say in a government office. We were discussing something or other when she’s describing someone she knows except:

“…although he is gay, and I just don’t like that gay stuff and will never agree with that.” *drops voice down* “Oops, I probably shouldn’t say that too loud.”

Ya think? The military has changed drastically over the last few years when it comes to its policy about the LGBT crowd. And I’m proud to say I believe the military is as a whole doing a whole lot better than the rest of the country. Yes, we are politically incorrect when we joke around, but most guys and gals are NOT worried about which giggles n bits/ twigs and berries you prefer when it comes down to watching your back in the sandbox. Or maybe that’s just my optimistic belief. But my point is, hmmm, I guess my point is that in the military (whether you are a government civilian or uniformed troop) with DADT repealed, and all the training we’ve received about it, you can’t come out of your mouth with comments like that. You never know who you are serving with.

The not-so-funny thing is the same week I hear complete ridiculousness about treating America like a Christian country. So, I’m in work bible study, and this dude starts talking about how he thinks it’s a shame, a travesty that we Christians in this Christian nation are letting the really bad sinners (ie: gay people) do whatever they want.


Hummana wha?

Since when, since when freakin when was the US a “Christian country”? Maybe when the first settlers came along to duck religious persecution. I don’t know, my history knowledge is spotty. I got great grades while in school, but brain dumped more than half of that mess.

What I do know is that America opened it’s doors to ALL people, no matter their freedom, and that they are free to worship as they please. Isn’t that in the frackin Constitution? We can worship dolphin spittle and that’s fine and dandy. It does NOT, however, make this a Dolphin Spitism country. So no, your argument is daggone invalid. So sorry. Try again. And I say this as a Christian, albeit I’m not a hate all others that believe anything else. And I’m definitely not going to judge a person for one sin. What happened to all sins are equal? Why do so many of us spend soooo much time on ONE sin? These are people who didn’t remain a virgin until marriage, smoke or drink to excess, gossip, lie, but get on a very high horse when it comes to homosexuality. I. DON’T. GET. IT.

I don’t care what you do in your bedroom during smexy times. I would say as long as you don’t hurt anyone physically, but hey, some like a little slap and tickle. I would say as long as it’s consenting. When it comes to if you are hurting the soul you may or may not believe in, that is your choice. Free frackin will and all that.

So I sat quietly in that Bible study, trying to keep quiet and trying to understand why people think they should make choices and judge other people. Of course, I’m judging all those judgementals right now are I? So, I’ll just shut up, and go back to my delicious tongue meal.

Yum. Nom, nom, nom.


4 thoughts on “Biting My Tongue Until I Bleed: Office Conversations on Political Stuffs

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