Argh!!! Customer Service Idiots Strike Again!!!

Seriously, this just happened. And it’s why I’ve always hated to talk on the phone, especially to customer service. Because even if English is their first language you’d think they were from another frackin planet.

So, I’m trying to make an appointment for my son at the local base clinic. Every base clinic has an appointment line. But for the monster teen’s behavioral health appointments, I have to call the main line, and then ask to be connected to Pediatrics. Well, I call the main line. And of course even though I’m number frackinĀ 1 in the queue, I wait like 10 minutes listening to the worst musak EVER. It’s like Star Wars porn music.

After wasting years of my life in the span of 10 minutes (and feeling awkward about the wookies in my head) I finally get answered and explain the whole situation, get forwarded to pediatrics and only get out “I’d like to make an appointment -”

Lady: “oh, let me transfer you! *Click* sends me back to the main line.



*Looks at phone ready to commit murder*

*Star Wars porn music begins to play again* Oh my sweet baby Jesus skateboarding. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?!

The SAME operator answers after 15 minutes this time, and I explain to her what happened. “Oh, yeah, it happens all the time with that office.” Really? Then shouldn’t they get someone more competent to man the phone lines? I mean, I know the government is getting tight on the money, let’s look at the people who can’t do the simple job of answering the phones correctly.

So main-line lady connects me again to Peds, and stays on the line to explain not to hang up on me. And, I will say the ditzy lady apologized profusely, but that wasted much of my hour lunch break.

Maybe I just expect too much of people. Or maybe I’d just rather have better musak porn while I’m on hold.


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