Apologies Taste Salty; Am I a Flaky Heffa?

Okay, another weekend came. And by God I planned to get out of the house! And this time I did. Yay! But it doesn’t always happen that way.

I have a bad habit of letting life just pass me by sometimes. Not because I want to, but just because the world outside is so daggone DRAINING. I’m a hardcore introvert. I hate crowds, I’m uncomfortable in large groups unless I have some trusted friends along that I know will not leave all alone to my awkward lonesome. My personality is pretty much like Grumpy Bear.

But I do like to go out and have fun. I swear!

It’s just, well Fridays, after dealing with all my fake smiling and caring and listening, and trying to be “with the group”, I usually feel like run over dog poop… That may have sitting in the sun all week-long, baking. So a couple of weekends ago while I was still thinking about going out on another date with “Mr. Pleasant Online, but just Meh in Person”… All the plans I had were cancelled from just being worn out. And he, well, I was called a flake. And at first I laughed about it, but then got quite irritated.

I mean, I’ve got science to back me up: introverts need re-charging. After a week of teaching and smiling so I don’t have to hear “what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Every five seconds, I need time in my dimensionthe5th cave. Even the Monster Teen can sometimes fall into irritating territory. I’ll try not to, but will tune him out when he wants Mommy time, and tells me long drawn out stories about school and friends. I feel bad, because at those times, I could seriously not care about anything coming out of his mouth and just wish he would STOP TALKING.

So, it’s not like I actively say I’m going to flake out on friends. I just get too daggone overwhelmed and want quiet time. Quiet time and being out at a bar, or even over someone else’s house does not equal the same thing.

So mister pleasant and meh got dropped. He can deal with someone less flakey. Not like he was getting to see my giggles and bits anytime soon anyway. Pfffft.


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