When Christians Attack Their Own… Judgey Judgey Judgey

That should be one of those National Geographic videos.

See the Christian in their natural habitat. Judging, judging, judging.

You can tell I’m a little irritated at my so-called fellow spiritual people right now? Just a tid bittle.

It started with joining a new church a couple of months ago. I’m finicky about churches. So much so that this is only the 2nd church I’ve joined in…yeah over 15 years. Considering I’ve moved plenty different places and attended different churches, something has really got to move me to make me want to join. And this church did/does. The service and the people as a whole don’t bother me. They are all very kind.

But I ran into a bit of trouble with their super bible study on crack.

So they don’t call it bible study, it’s a life group. Because you learn about life through the bible and your connection with those in your group. Something like that. I forgot how the spiel is supposed to go, pffft. I sound like I’m totally rolling my eyes at this idea when I’m not honestly. For introverted/independent/awkward me, being a part of something like this is a GOOD thing. So, they have these different groups across the lands, multiple ones for adults and children. The Monster Teen slid into the first meeting like a fat kid slides a slice of pizza in their mouth. Sluuurp! He fit in fit in.



So I picked randomly a group to join.

Wait. I DIDN’T pick that group myself. A friend at the same church selected the group so we could have at least one person we knew when we went.

The group is really small. Under 10 people, and all older than my friend and I. They also mostly have smaller monsters than my monster teen. And they are all married. I am also the only chocolatey person there, though I expected that.

Although the first meeting is somewhat awkward, I brushed it off as first time in a group issues. The next time though is horrid. First off, my sinuses were hijacked by gremlins, and were playing swing music throughout my brain. Then the group leader’s husband is not there, and she becomes a very bitter and anti-social person. We’re having a frackin potluck and she doesn’t try to have a normal conversation. I’m asked why I didn’t bring my monster teen. For what? To play with 5 year olds? And then when I try to talk about hobbies or work, or the frackin weather, I get one word answers back.

I’m awkward already. I say things in conversation randomly that makes people think I have screws loose. So when I’m trying extra hard to connect with normal people, nothing pisses me off more when THEY can’t do normal conversation. With my dying sinuses I got out of there as fast as possible, vowing to never ever never come back. Because my thoughts were turning completely unchristiany. In fact, they were quite demonic.

Luckily there’s more than one super bible study on crack. I’ll find one that doesn’t make me feel like an outcast, or like committing a 10 commandment no no.


2 thoughts on “When Christians Attack Their Own… Judgey Judgey Judgey

  1. It can be very difficult finding the right place to fit in, especially for us awkward people. Don’t give up, though. The right group is out there. You will find it!

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