Random “Blackness” Testing… I Tend To Fail… May Need a Tutor

Older black male nurse: Have you seen the new Best Man Holiday this weekend?
Me: Uh, no. I went and saw the new Thor
Older black male nurse: Oh, you gotta see it! It’s so worth it.
Me: Um, I’ll probably watch it when it comes out on DVD or something. I like to see action movies when I go to the theater.
Old Black Male Nurse: You’ve GOT to see it. It’s so worth seeing in the movies.
Me: …


One thing that never fails to irk me is being told that I should like something because I’m black. When Obama first ran against Hillary Clinton, I should have been supportive of Obama because he was black. I should watch The Game, and Real Housewives of the Ghetto (I can’t remember the name) because I’m black. I should like Koolaid, and go to Red Lobster, own a pair of Apple Bottom jeans because I’m black. I should be able to swivel my neck and snap my fingers, just because I’m black.

I am black. Surpise!!! But I refuse to change what I like and enjoy. Although I’ll watch on TV and giggle along with a Madea movie, it is not something that I’d wait with baited breath for. In fact, there has to be NOTHING else to watch. Or I’m stuck at a family member’s house. I mean, hey, I grew up and watched all my “Black Card” movies: The Color Purple, Lean on Me, Roots, Coming to America, etc. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and look for the latest black movie that EVERYONE must see and support. And seriously, it’s fine if you do. But don’t expect that just because we share a skin tone, I’m going to give a good gosh darn about the latest chocolate written and directed movie. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I say I don’t care for those. And before you say it, I’m just as frackin black as you. I’m just not a stereotype.

Broaden your frackin horizons.

Hopefully one day there will be more black written sci-fi and fantasy movies that make it to the big screen. And you know what, when I’m randomly tested on my “blackness” in a doctor’s office I can gush and exclaim:

Oh yeah, I saw that! It was awesome!

Or maybe I’ll have to say “That ish was hot! The bomb diggity.”

(Hmmm, that may be too old and lame.)

Randomly shouts YOLO and runs away.


2 thoughts on “Random “Blackness” Testing… I Tend To Fail… May Need a Tutor

  1. On that same note, a lot of the DC Animated Universe moveis were written by Dwayne McDuffie up until his death, who is black. So in a sense, that counts. But yeah boo stereotypes.

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