About – Welcome. Mwahahahahahaha!

This may be weird. This may sound insane. And crazy may show up too. That’s okay. That’s where I’m comfortable.


Hi, I’m dimensionthe5th. Do not adjust your computer screen. Unless of course, um, you’re having trouble seeing.

I started this blog as an online diary that would let me basically release the awesomeness that builds up inside me. Only a handful of people know the mild-mannered (hah!) person behind my superhero blog, and that’s okay with me. I’m not doing it for them. This absolutely is selfish.

So if you still want to read on here’s some things to know about the dimension you fell into:

1. I was saying frack before BSG stole my word.

2. Stephen King is the best writer ever.

3. Watching anime is a legitimate way to spend your day.

4. I am the commander of a robot ninja monkey army. Don’t worry, I have them under control.

5. I am a descendant of the Cheshire Cat. Way back, on my mother’s father’s side.


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